Research Grant|PartnerYourAntibodies


With our PartnerYourAntibodies® initiative we are looking for novel antibodies relating particularly to the fields of cardiology (including kidney diseases and acute care), lung diseases, oncology, hemophilia as well as gynecology and addressing a specific target or pathway in a selective manner (functional activity). Successful applications will be assessed by us with regard to bioactivity.

Novel antibodies in Bayer’s current research focus

Areas of interest include cardiology, lung diseases, oncology, hemophilia, gynecology

Bayer offers substantial financial funding for promising proposals

How It Works?

1. Application Deadline: June 30th 2017  2. Review Approx. 8-week process  3. Decision Announced: Sept. 2017  4.Collaboration From Oct. 2017

● Non-confidential, and should include information on the antibody properties
(without amino acid sequence)

● Submission will be reviewed by senior scientists at Bayer within 8 weeks

● Selected applicant will be invited to MTA or CDA process, and will receive a reasonable monetary compensation

● Second level assessment under MTA or CDA
If successful, Bayer might propose a collaboration under an antibody exploration program