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We aim to encourage researchers in Japan to perform innovative drug research and development and contribute to further development of medical and scientific technologies.

Bayer is famous for its aspirin. Chemists of Bayer in Germany synthesized stable acetylsalicylic acid from salicylic acid in 1897. Aspirin has been used as an antipyretic/analgesic and antiplatelet drug for more than 100 years under our name. Since then Bayer has continued to develop a number of innovative drugs including sustained-release calcium antagonist Adalat and selective direct Factor Xa inhibitor Xarelto.

In order to meet the needs to develop new drugs for diseases for which there are no effective therapeutic methods, new innovative ideas are in great demand. In response, pharmaceutical companies around the world have introduced or used scientific data, technologies or drug seeds developed by other companies or organizations. In Japan, pharmaceutical companies are able to carry out basic research by taking advantage of this process. In particular, academia has accomplished remarkable research.

In 2014,Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd. has established the Open Innovation Center Japan (ICJ) in order to investigate the mechanism leading to the onset of diseases for which medical needs are still not met, perform research on innovative drugs, discover drug seeds which can be included in Bayer’s portfolio, establish new medical technologies, use research results and drug seeds obtained in Japan for global business and drug R&D, and contribute to the development of innovative therapeutic drugs. The center also aims to establish a network with universities, research organizations and venture companies in Japan and promote innovative research within this network. Furthermore, the Open Innovation Center Japan kicked off the Digital Health Initiative, our novel digital health approach, so that we can keep contributing to solve the various challenges faced by patients and healthcare professionals.

Bayer has been developing drugs for more than 100 years and greatly contributes to the health and well being of people in Japan. Bayer is also working hard to develop innovative therapeutic drugs based on results of basic research in Japan. By taking advantage of the opportunities provided by this center, Bayer aims to further contribute to the development of medical and scientific technologies in cooperation with researchers in Japan.



Head of Open Innovation Center Japan Shunichi Takahashi Shunichi Takahashi